Tiger Gate

The Great Drop Debate: Tiger Woods was accessed a two-stroke penalty on Friday and it created a bunch of controversy in the golf world.  BUT, did he even deserve the two-stoke penalty?  Was it a violation at all?  If he didn’t talk about his shot with ESPN would we be even be talking about it?  The Augusta Chronicle on Sunday printed two photos by staffer Michael Holahan of Woods’ two chip shots from the 15th fairway. The first hit the flagstick and rolled into the water, forcing Woods to take a one-stroke penalty and then drop his ball “as nearly as possible” to his original location.  The Chronicle circled various divots in the 15th fairway to show Woods’ second shot was in almost the exact same location as the first.  While the photos may not be conclusive evidence and they will no doubt be picked apart.  Roc

One note:  The camera shots we have all seen were never from the same spot -meaning the ESPN camera man shot the first shot and second shot from slightly different locations.