Improve Golf Swing!

Golf Show 4/3/13 -Per Spencer Tatum Fitness Director Village Clubs

How to improve your golf swing?

1.  Set-Up:  This must be correct.  You golf swing set-up needs to be in athletic stance.  Where people most the biggest mistake is they are bent over at the spine and not waist.   If you are set-up is off, you will not be able get full rotation and will lose distance in your swing. 

2.  It is all in the hips.  Your hips must be strong to create an anchor and to create power/distance.  You must be able to anchor yourself to the ground to create full rotation in upper spine or Thoracic Spine.  You must also be able to generate force from the hip.  The hips are the first action after to back swing to create power.  Power hips are the driver of the distance.

3.  Mobilize the Moblizers.  One of the biggest challenges with golfer is lack of Thoracic spine mobility or upper back.  This is where the rotation needs to occur.  If your upper back is not mobil, you will have lower back pain or shoulder issues and lost of distance in your drivers.

4.  Be an athlete.  It is important for golfer to cross to train to be able to transfer force.  I like doing agility ladder with golfer for them understand how to transfer force from right side to left side.  Also, the better athlete that you are then the better golfer you will be. 

5.  Have a coach.  As you fitness improves, you need to see you golf coach.  You getting a new engine and you have know how to use it.  You adding horse power and now you have know how to use the power that you are creating.