Finally, a feel good story to pass along… 

I received an email from 12 year old Brenden Hoogesteger, who is asking for our help to promote good sportsmanship.

The email goes back to an experience he had while playing hockey.  Brenden was 10 year old when after losing a hockey game, his team lined up to shake hands with the opponent (customary in hockey),  but some of the players on the other team would not.  He told his Grandma that it was worse than losing the game.  Good old Grandma suggested he find a way to promote good sportsmanship.

He did – a great idea – Brenden has designed bracelets called “Good Sports Rock”.  From the picture you will see that it has two hands about to shake.  And, he has partnered with Special Olympics to donate a portion of proceeds. 

I encourage you to check out the site –  I’m ordering mine.

Expect big things from young entrepreneur!  His family must be proud.